O-rings in many matirials

O-rings are multipurpose, space-saving sealing elements used to seal pistons and piston rods with axial movement; for spindles in assemblies with partial rotating motion and as static seals in flange-cylinder covers, etc. Toroidal sealing rings, vulcanized on the working face.

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FEP-Encapsulated O-rings

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Precision molded parts

Used in practically all technical environments. Design and materials as required for specific applications.

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FFKM/Perfluoroelastomer O-Rings and moldes parts

Flat elements made of various elastomeres and plastics

Punched parts according to DIN, drawings or customer specifications.

Rubber-metal products

Cylindrical bearings and buffers for high-vibration applications 

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Radial-shaft gasket rings

Radial-shaft gasket rings are the gasket elements most commonly used to seal rotating machine parts. Sealer caps

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V-rings (axial gaskets)

Gamma-seals ®

The V-ring is an elastic rubber gaskets for shafts and bearings. The special feature of this gasket is its axial sealing lip.

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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals

Multipurpose sealing elements, used as gaskets for pistons or piston rods with axial motion in hydraulic and pneumatic systems with pressures up to approx. 400 bar. Wide selection of designs and shapes: groove rings with symmetrical and asymmetrical sealing lips.

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Wiper rings

Wiper rings are used primarily on piston rods in hydraulic systems. They prevent deposits which collect on axially driven piston rods from attacking the actual gasket element and causing premature wear.

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PTFE Gasket material

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Resilient PTFE-Seals

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Double Pot Cuffs

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U-seals (bonded seals) consist of a flat metal ring with a bonded trapezoidal elastic rubber sealing face. U-seals are used to seal bolted joints and flange connections. Solid gaskets/filler gaskets, copper and aluminium sealing rings, etc

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Round cords, profiles and hoses

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