In our age of rapid technical innovation,outstanding sealing

solutions are in greater demand than ever before.

And experience in the development of system and material

technologies to meet the specific needs of customers

is becoming increasingly important.

From the improvement of existing applications to completely new challenges,

we place the full range of our specialized know-how at your service.

Our world-wide contacts and extensive experience in technical

innovation guarantee a mutually beneficial partnership.

Our Company is ISO 9001 certificated.

Optimum flexibility and outstanding customer service are standard policy for us.

Our highest priority is customer satisfaction – and that applies

to both standard and customized solutions.

In addition to proven standard parts and materials,

we also offer a steadily increasing range of special products, 

including perfluor O-rings (FFKM), FEP O-rings with elastomer core,

seals and gaskets in conformity with FDA standards,

FPM tube cord and tube-cord rings, spring-elastic sealing elements,

groove rings and turned PTFE, plastic and elastomer sealing components.

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